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Remembering 2020 - What a Year! DECEMBER 2020

2020 has been quite an unusual experience. It's almost as if we've been living in a very long and bizarre sci-fi movie. As it comes to an end, head to Eclectics to scoop up some clever reminders of this strange and unique year because we certainly hope we'll be inspired to create totally different iconic art for next year!

As inventors and artists, we tend to look at the bright side of things and we have made some lemonade out of this bitter, lemony time. We created the ability for you to shop online through our gift box and subscription services, which is catching on; we hope you check it out! Because we are step-up-to-the plate kind of people, we were also able to help our community through a mask crisis and were able do it with flair and fashion.

We thank you for your wonderful support of our little shop. You've really kept us going in some pretty tough times for small businesses. We hope that you'll continue to remember us after this holiday time, especially in the upcoming season of love. We are still passionate about what we do and are glad to still be doing it.

Stay smart, stay safe, stay well, and may your New Year bring you peace and joy!

Your friends at Eclectics.


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