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Have you had a good laugh today? 

Now, more than ever, we NEED to laugh; it’s therapeutic! Humor can bring a smile, lighten a spirit and create a shift in focus. Humor is a distractor and in these troubling times, distraction is something we all desperately need.

As you face the trials of this pandemic and witness social change and the pain that comes with it, set aside some time for laughter. You can watch a favorite funny movie or binge on some classic TV comedy or stay up for the late-night comedians. 

If your family get-togethers are full of laughter, arrange one on...

What is it about birds? We’ve always been fascinated with them. From the earliest art painted on stone walls, to the regal Elephant Folios of John James Audubon, to the ridiculous “Put a Bird On It” shop parody on TV, we just love birds.What else has such diversity in size and color and form? A tiny, jewel-like Bee Hummingbird from Cuba weighs as much as one playing card, while an ostrich can weigh nearly 300 pounds! We see dazzling color in the tanagers and parrots of the tropics. The ptarmigans and grouse of the North, masters of camouflage, are difficult to see at all.But the trait that most captures our imagination is flight; as long as we have been on E...

May 24, 2020

Change is upon us once again. This time we’re not being forced to alter our lifestyles and confine ourselves to our homes to avoid the Coronavirus; now we are being given the choice to venture out, knowing that although we may change our routines of the past several months, the virus is still the same virus. As a result, everyone is dealing with new realities and new responsibilities. 

Although it’s uncomfortable, embracing major change gives us unexpected opportunities: to be more mindful, to invent creative solutions, and to dig deep within and decide what we really want. How can we do that? We stop, take a deep breath, grieve for what we’ve lost,...

May 17, 2020

In our most recent member meeting, the main topic of discussion was how to safely reopen our shop. As you can imagine, a discussion between twelve women via Zoom was quite lengthy and full of debate. 

The result of our conversation: Eclectics will do a "soft reopening" with limited hours (for now). We are excited to announce that beginning Wednesday, 

May 27 th , the shop will be open Wednesday thru Saturday from 11am-3pm.

Of course, masks and sign-in at the front door will be required and we will follow guidelines set in place by Mayor Lucas and the CDC. For your protection, we will also be wearing protective gear and practic...

May 10, 2020

For Eclectics Gallery,   making art has become “making it up as we go….” The pandemic of 2020 has caused changes in everyone’s life and we are learning to adapt our business to the new realities.

Since Mid-March, Eclectics Gallery has started

  • a weekly newsletter

  • selling masks online

  • an online store for selected gift items

  • testing a pick up/curbside service 

With restrictions being lifted, we are now planning for a soft re-opening of the store soon, following CDC and local recommendations for distancing, masks, and limits to number of customers and reduced hours.

In the meantime we have another new idea: Eclectics Private Shopping...

May 4, 2020

Next Sunday, May 10, is Mother’s Day, a day that for generations has been set aside to honor and celebrate the women who raised us.

In these challenging times, Mother’s Day holds a whole new meaning as women everywhere are stepping up to help each other and the world survive this crisis. We’re living through something we could not have imagined a year ago, taking on roles we didn’t train for, experiencing isolation and frustration as we shelter in place. But we can and will get through it! We’re tough, smart, resourceful, resilient, and we will come through this stronger than ever. This is what we are celebrating this Mother’s Day! 

Mother's Day has alway...

April 26, 2020

Thank you for ordering so many masks from us. We paid the rent thanks to all of you! We will continue to carry masks online even after we open the store to help you with your mask needs. Our masks are not N95 PPE but they are triple-layered and washable. 

While we can't promise specific patterns, we have several choices of styles and designs. Until we open, hopefully some time in May, mask prices will remain at $10 each plus shipping.

Simply click the link below to connect to our website and press "Shop Online". Again, many thanks!

View entire newsletter issue here.

April 19, 2020

At Eclectics, we've been making masks for people all over the country. So far we have donated hundreds of masks: to the Austin-Dooley Company who provide around-the- clock care for individuals with disabilities, nurses working in the birthing unit at AdventHealth Center, adoption counselors at Kitty City Kansas Rescue, Jewish Family Services Food Pantry volunteers, local home healthcare nurses, Lake Mary residential caregivers, the KU Cancer Center, Cass County Regional Medical Center, Delta County Memorial Hospital in rural Colorado and Mount Sinai hospital nurses in New York.

And while we are still working hard to provide masks for the brave people who prov...

April 13, 2020

It’s just beautiful outdoors in Kansas City; the trees are blooming, the flowers are bursting through the ground and the bunnies and birds are in abundance. 

Now is the perfect time to help birds build their nests by creating Birdie Balls. This project is great for kids and adults and it’s like opening a backyard bedding store for your neighborhood birds to shop! 

Use only organic matter for this project but imagine the possibilities!!!! You will need a grapevine ball or suet feeder or an old kitchen whisk and some twine. Fill, stuff, and poke the container with all your ALL-NATURAL bits and baubles: dried flowers, pine needles, birch bark bits, 100% cott...

April 5, 2020

Rock Out!

Painted rocks are a wonderful addition to any yard and can be set anywhere except in grass that gets mowed. Place them in the garden or in flower pots, next to herbs to identify what you're growing and as decoration on a deck or patio.

They might also be fun to use for Easter “rock” hunts this year since eggs seem to be in short supply. What a great activity for the kids that can be done outside the kitchen!


Wash the rocks, let them dry and use acrylic craft paint to create your designs. To make them last, spray a coat of polyurethane over the top! 

When Eclectics reopens (we all hope it’s soon!) we will also have some fun new “Yard Art” av...

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