Eclectic's COVID-19 Response

We value the health of our customers and fellow Eclectics artists, so we though we have reopened, we do have some new protective measures in place. Details here.

You can HELP the medical/nursing home/EMT workers by joining the growing Mask Making efforts!

Several Eclectics members are making masks with supplies we have at home. If you have cotton fabric, elastic or ties, interfacing and a sewing machine, you can help as well. We have gathered links to some YouTube videos and free pattern downloads here. Please learn about masks before you start so you make safe, useful ones. Some materials (like 1/4" elastic) may be unavailable, but masks being worn over medical N95 masks will be more comfortable with ties.

PLEASE NOTE: There are many different instructions and ideas about what is the SAFEST and MOST EFFECTIVE mask. There are many videos available - search YourTube for "DIY cloth mask".


Videos we found helpful:

Shaped Mask How-To Videos: Video One  Video Two   Video Three          Download the pattern here

2nd video answers lots of questions but doesn't name all materials. Oly-Fun is the non-woven stuff she's referring to and the metal nose-plate material is "aluminum pans" as in disposable baking pans. Cut strips as needed or use wire.

3rd video recommends 16-18 gauge wire, answers questions 

Pleated Mask How-To Videos:Joann Fabric - 

Face mask with filter pocket - Pattern and Instructions

DIY Cloth Face Mask Instructions - Link  (This is a simple pattern with diagrams.)

The Turban Project: - Adult Pattern PDF     Child Pattern PDF    SIMPLE Instructions PDF

Check back here (or follow us on Facebook and Instagram) to see updates  on what's going on with Eclectics artists during this unexpected world-wide crisis.

You may also purchase a mask from Eclectics, which will be mailed directly from the maker.