Jenny Isenberg
Prairie Village, KS


Art Category: 

Mosaics, Up-cycling, Multi-Media Houshold Art


Member since 1991

I've always been compelled to make things. I really get the biggest kick when I make something out of an object that someone else would have thrown away, without a second thought. An old wool sweater with moth holes, a plastic water bottle, a burnt-out light bulb. These are the impetus for creating a handcrafted flower or a bug or a sculpted cat or dog or a potholder. 


I also like making large functional sculptures using metal lathe, cement and mosaics, but I mainly make these for our home because they are so heavy and time consuming. My thoughts are always filled with new ideas. I hope my brain stays that way. 

Jenny lives in Prairie Village, Kansas, and is a Charter Member of Eclectics, active since its start in 1991.

Quis autem vel eum

Happy Birthday to Us  1991-2021

30 years in business in the same location

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