Our Grateful Hearts

Thank you for ordering so many masks from us. We paid the rent thanks to all of you! We will continue to carry masks online even after we open the store to help you with your mask needs. Our masks are not N95 PPE but they are triple-layered and washable. While we can't promise specific patterns, we have several choices of styles and designs. Until we open, hopefully some time in May, mask prices will remain at $10 each plus shipping. Simply click the link below to connect to our website and press "Shop Online". Again, many thanks! View entire newsletter issue here.

We're Here for You

At Eclectics, we've been making masks for people all over the country. So far we have donated hundreds of masks: to the Austin-Dooley Company who provide around-the- clock care for individuals with disabilities, nurses working in the birthing unit at AdventHealth Center, adoption counselors at Kitty City Kansas Rescue, Jewish Family Services Food Pantry volunteers, local home healthcare nurses, Lake Mary residential caregivers, the KU Cancer Center, Cass County Regional Medical Center, Delta County Memorial Hospital in rural Colorado and Mount Sinai hospital nurses in New York. And while we are still working hard to provide masks for the brave people who provide necessary care services, we a

Art for the Birds

It’s just beautiful outdoors in Kansas City; the trees are blooming, the flowers are bursting through the ground and the bunnies and birds are in abundance. Now is the perfect time to help birds build their nests by creating Birdie Balls. This project is great for kids and adults and it’s like opening a backyard bedding store for your neighborhood birds to shop! Use only organic matter for this project but imagine the possibilities!!!! You will need a grapevine ball or suet feeder or an old kitchen whisk and some twine. Fill, stuff, and poke the container with all your ALL-NATURAL bits and baubles: dried flowers, pine needles, birch bark bits, 100% cotton balls, finely cut up old wool and ca

Add Some Art to Your Yard

Rock Out! Painted rocks are a wonderful addition to any yard and can be set anywhere except in grass that gets mowed. Place them in the garden or in flower pots, next to herbs to identify what you're growing and as decoration on a deck or patio. They might also be fun to use for Easter “rock” hunts this year since eggs seem to be in short supply. What a great activity for the kids that can be done outside the kitchen! Directions: Wash the rocks, let them dry and use acrylic craft paint to create your designs. To make them last, spray a coat of polyurethane over the top! When Eclectics reopens (we all hope it’s soon!) we will also have some fun new “Yard Art” available! We can’t wait for you

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