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At Eclectics, we've been making masks for people all over the country. So far we have donated hundreds of masks: to the Austin-Dooley Company who provide around-the- clock care for individuals with disabilities, nurses working in the birthing unit at AdventHealth Center, adoption counselors at Kitty City Kansas Rescue, Jewish Family Services Food Pantry volunteers, local home healthcare nurses, Lake Mary residential caregivers, the KU Cancer Center, Cass County Regional Medical Center, Delta County Memorial Hospital in rural Colorado and Mount Sinai hospital nurses in New York.

And while we are still working hard to provide masks for the brave people who provide necessary care services, we also want to make sure that you, our faithful customers, are equipped with masks as you begin to venture out in public in the coming weeks.

Our masks are not N95 PPE but they are soft, triple-layered, comfortable, fun and only $10 each.

Simply click the link below to connect to our website and press "Shop Online".

While we can't promise specific patterns, we have several choices of styles and designs. It helps us pay our rent and helps you travel in public. Pass the word!

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