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We Are Women, Hear Us Roar! MARCH 2021

March 2021. What a difference a year makes. Last year we were hunkering down and this year we're like the budding flowers sneaking out into the world. We're looking forward. One of the things we're looking forward to at Eclectics is our 30th anniversary coming up this July. Crazy, right? Founding member, Jenny Isenberg, was pregnant with her son, Adam, when we opened in 1991 and now he's an adult with a beard, living in London! (A little history in honor of National Women's History Month.)

We didn't start out intending to be a women-owned company and don't discriminate against men as owners. We've had a few along the way but for many years women have run the show. We're proud of what we have accomplished and will continue to roar. Watch for details.


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