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Falling for YOU OCTOBER 2020

Home is Where the Hearth is

What an unusual year this has been. What we’re going through right now is the stuff of history books. At first this virus paralyzed us. We locked ourselves in, waiting, waiting, waiting for information to help guide us out into the world. As we’ve learned the do’s and don’ts of this pandemic, we’ve been able to venture out into the fresh air and go into stores by wearing masks, social distancing and practicing good hygiene. 

As fall comes to town and we head back inside a bit more, will your home be ready for you? Have you created a nest that you’ll be happy to settle into for the winter? Do your rooms give you comfort and joy?  Maybe this year you should liven your place up so you’ll be glad to be home! Add some art to the walls or buy a lamp with personality that brightens up your abode. Decorate for the fall and winter holidays to shake things up a bit. It might be just the trick to make your environment work to enhance your mood in this unusual year.  Of course, we think Eclectics is the perfect place to find those unique and treasured items that will give you a connection to your surroundings. And while you’re here, don’t forget about yourself! A new piece of jewelry or a beautiful scarf can go a long way to perk up a Zoom call and a great smelling bar of soap will always make you feel better about spending so much time with yourself.  Stop by. Get inspired. Perk up your world. And, as always, we hope to see the top half of your face soon. 


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