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Art for the Birds

It’s just beautiful outdoors in Kansas City; the trees are blooming, the flowers are bursting through the ground and the bunnies and birds are in abundance.

Now is the perfect time to help birds build their nests by creating Birdie Balls. This project is great for kids and adults and it’s like opening a backyard bedding store for your neighborhood birds to shop!

Use only organic matter for this project but imagine the possibilities!!!! You will need a grapevine ball or suet feeder or an old kitchen whisk and some twine. Fill, stuff, and poke the container with all your ALL-NATURAL bits and baubles: dried flowers, pine needles, birch bark bits, 100% cotton balls, finely cut up old wool and cashmere sweaters, feathers from an old down coat or pillow or even your dog’s or cat’s fur (unless you treat with flea and tick medication)! Just make sure that the materials are all natural and cut into small bits so they won’t wrap around the birds' feet and injure them. Pull out some pieces for easy access, add the twine for hanging and let nature do its thing!

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