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Spread Your Wings

What is it about birds? We’ve always been fascinated with them. From the earliest art painted on stone walls, to the regal Elephant Folios of John James Audubon, to the ridiculous “Put a Bird On It” shop parody on TV, we just love birds.What else has such diversity in size and color and form? A tiny, jewel-like Bee Hummingbird from Cuba weighs as much as one playing card, while an ostrich can weigh nearly 300 pounds! We see dazzling color in the tanagers and parrots of the tropics. The ptarmigans and grouse of the North, masters of camouflage, are difficult to see at all.But the trait that most captures our imagination is flight; as long as we have been on Earth, we have envied birds’ ability to soar on the wind. And even though we now fly in planes and rockets, it cannot match the freedom of lifting from the ground at will and winging across the sky. It’s no surprise that dreams of flying are very common. We would love to defy gravity and see the world as birds do. Of course we love birds at Eclectics. Our shop is full of ‘em. Glass birds, felted birds, embroidered birds, ceramic birds…it’s not quite like Portlandia, but we like putting birds on things, too. Come see how birdy we are sometime soon! Or if you're not spreading your wings just yet, order online!

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