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Be Ready, Be Smart, Be Safe

Change is upon us once again. This time we’re not being forced to alter our lifestyles and confine ourselves to our homes to avoid the Coronavirus; now we are being given the choice to venture out, knowing that although we may change our routines of the past several months, the virus is still the same virus. As a result, everyone is dealing with new realities and new responsibilities.

Although it’s uncomfortable, embracing major change gives us unexpected opportunities: to be more mindful, to invent creative solutions, and to dig deep within and decide what we really want. How can we do that? We stop, take a deep breath, grieve for what we’ve lost, count our blessings, lean on each other for support, and make plans to move forward, creating an even better world in the ways that are important.

On both professional and personal levels, our Eclectics team has been working hard to embrace the changes and keep our little gallery alive. We are mindful of the needs and struggles we’re experiencing. We regularly keep in touch, offer assistance when needed, and every member is part of our plan to improve our business as we move forward.

We’ve missed our gallery. We’ve missed being surrounded by the creativity and beauty from our fellow artists. We’ve missed talking to lovely people as they wander, shop, ask questions, and choose something special for themselves or for someone they love. We’ve missed talking to humans, face-to-face.

And we know you’ve missed it too: being able to select a funny card from a rack, picking up a hand-crafted ceramic mug or wooden bowl and admiring the craftsmanship for yourself, holding up earrings to see how they look with your face. Welcoming you back in safety and confidence is our goal.

If you are ready to venture out, we will reopen this Wednesday, with limited hours. We’ll greet you with a smile behind our masks, and a bottle of hand-sanitizer! We can’t wait!


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