Lynette Fisk
Pleasant Hill, MO


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Wire Jewelry, Peyote Stitch Jewelry, Soldered Crafts, Costume Jewelry 


Member since 2010

Although I'm originally from Iowa, I spent most of my life in Portland, OR and San Diego, CA. We moved to the KC area in 2006.

Unlike many artists, most of my art is made for the simple joy of the creative process. (And my muse works best with an imposed deadline.) While inspiration may come from anywhere, my jewelry is not talismanic, carries no special  meaning or message.  After trying to make things I hoped people would buy, I have decided to just make what I like, and see who else does too.

Since my favorite skill is the new one I'm learning, my art sprawls all over from beadwork to millinery, wire weaving to soldering. My gallery display may contain jewelry or tiaras or fairy wands or journals or sculpture made from beads, paper, plaster, clay, metal, fabric or all of the above.


I never throw away old jewelry, beads, ephemera, wire, ribbon, fabric, leather or tools. Repurposing vintage costume jewelry is thrifty and good for the planet. Anything with a hole in it is a bead - including food or a rusty bit found in a parking lot. (Actually, a hole isn't even really required....) If you can poke a needle or a wire into something, you can put beads on it. The sparklier, the better --  But don't ask me to choose between shiny and rusty.... One of the best things about my art is the tools. From my dad's old hammer to my bench grinder and torches, my tools are my friends... sentimental, useful, faithful. 



  • Step by Step Beads Spring 2009

  • Polymer Café Magazine  September 2011, October 2009


Lynette lives in Pleasant Hill, Missouri. She joined Eclectics in 2010.


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