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7015 Oak Street, Kansas City, MO 64113 - PH (816) 361-6643

Ingerlene Frick
Parkville, MO


Art Category: 

Illustration/Mixed Media

Member since 2016


In a word, that’s what Ingerlene’s artwork is about.

(There’s enough sadness in the world, dammit.)


Much like a runner must run, Ingerlene must paint and sketch daily. Her work embraces spontaneity, 

perfect imperfection and often, the bold colors 

that come with living out loud. 


In her ongoing, online Instagram series #joywins, Ingerlene shares her “journey through”. Determined that despite major life setbacks, joy can and will be present again. She believes this is true for all of us. Her art is an extension of this belief and a way of encouraging joy in the world, in you, in everybody.


Constantly experimenting and challenging herself with new projects and mediums, you never know what her paintings will feature – or what else will accompany her 2-D pieces….


Available for pet portrait commissions. 




instagram: @ingerlene


Ingerlene joined Eclectics in 2016.